Greetings sentient peoples of Planet Earth, Sol System, Milky Way Galaxy, Local Group, Virgo Supercluster, Observable Universe!

My name is Glenn Wehmeyer and I’m a technomage.  I’ve been using and abusing technology since the bronze age of computing aka BW (Before Windows). We have been plunged into this new age of computing with public cloud computing, machine learning and big data coming to the forefront. I can’t help but be attracted to using many of these new technologies.

My first love has always been computers and I’ve been programming since I was a teenager.  From the dark days of DOS to orchestrating instances in AWS,  I’ve ridden the waves of computing S Curves to the present.  But I also have a keen interest in being an early adopter of technologies like electric vehicles, robotics, microcontrollers, lithium-ion batteries, PDAs (think early terrible smartphone like interfaces), prototyping electronics, and composite material construction. 

Check out my Resume or my Upwork profile if you need a Technomage on your team. You can also read my posts on what I consider some important ideas about life, the future, and everything 😀

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