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Dan the Man (ChatGPT) liked by Teenage girls (4/7/2024) - Teenage girls have discovered the DAN prompt on ChatGPT and they’re using it on voice mode to make AI boyfriends. This is […]
The Mountain Woman – A Story (12/17/2023) - It was early in the winter season and a woman was surveying trails in the German Alps. As she walked along, snow […]
Consign To Oblivion (11/8/2023) - Yes… Let’s continue going through the motions. Just keep our eyes closed till the end. Open your eyes; we’re not in paradiseHow […]
AI Storm has arrived – Summer 2023 (6/17/2023) - And the AI Storm arrives on the patter of cat feet. The image above was created by telling an AI called Stable […]
I’m Alive – Quarter 1 of 2023 (3/14/2023) - I feel like I’m overcoming being slightly sick all the time. I had my gall bladder removed in the first half of […]
Happy New Year 2022, maybe (1/23/2022) - Welcome to a new year with the same swirling stuff. The virus is still around, now upgraded to Omnicron. Covid is going […]
Dystopia Got You Down? (8/22/2021) - By all means, wallow in it! Last time I checked Jeff Bezos hasn’t stolen your kidneys… yet. And no killer robots roaming […]
Get Your Ass Vaccinated (4/13/2021) - If you are reading this then get vaccinated already! By the end of April 2021 everybody will be eligible to get vaccinated […]
Here we are in 2021 (3/20/2021) - I had a rough start to 2021 but I guess I needed more time to heal. It feels like spring and life […]
Fall 2020 – We Made It! (12/6/2020) - To say that the year 2020 has been challenging is like saying that Jeff Bezos has some money. Some parts of the […]