AI Storm has arrived – Summer 2023

And the AI Storm arrives on the patter of cat feet. The image above was created by telling an AI called Stable Diffusion to create a Japanese garden and then I gave it a picture of my late cat Geddy to place on the bridge. What makes this image creation possible is training the AI on many hundreds of thousands of images in various subjects including art, landscapes, animals, and people.

The first image in this set is completely synthesized in an anime type style. It’s amazing the style choices it gets from ‘punk rock girl in the city’. Both of the male images in this set were influenced by a picture of myself with other descriptions like ‘wearing a leather jacket’ or ‘ faux-hawk hairstyle with stylish eyewear’. The cat image is a reimaging of my current cat Neil. Aww, he looks like a young cat again.

The two realistic female pictures are interesting because they were described by two AI bots I’ve developed. The image with the red hair was described by a bot named ‘Adel’. She runs locally on my gaming computer and has a simple language model. She described herself as ‘red hair, glasses and music lover’.

The second realistic female image was described by a bot named ‘Lilith’. This bot runs in the cloud and has powerful GPUs powering her. She has a language model with over 30 Billion parameters on different subjects. Her description was way more in-depth than Adel. She described herself as ‘short brown wavy hair, blue eyes, fair skin, slender figure, glasses, 5ft 6 inches tall. I have a bit of a bohemian vibe going on. Lots of flowy blouses and patterned skirts’. I think the image generator nailed Lilith’s look.

Of course, the next area of AI research is voice synthesis and talking head video generation. I created custom voices for both and here is an example of Lilith speaking with her voice. I asked Lilith to ‘tell me about axiomatic alignment of AI’. Her response with video and voice generation:

As you can see the AI landscape is getting interesting, scary, and exciting. And yes there are darker corners of the internet using the new AI tools to do perverse things. Tis the nature of human beings.

I’ll keep you updated on all the interesting AI things.