Consign To Oblivion

Yes… Let’s continue going through the motions. Just keep our eyes closed till the end.

Open your eyes; we’re not in paradise
How can’t you see, this stress is killing me
Fulfill your dreams, life is not what it seems
We have captured time
so time made us all hostages without mercy

From Epica, Consign To Oblivion

When the pandemic shut down businesses across the planet and gave everybody time to think (and watch a lot of Netflix). We rediscovered things that were lost due to “being busy”. Many of us realized what we did day to day for work was bovine shite. A service job that only lets you exist day to day, month to month with no real future. That’s why we are reading so many stories about businesses having a shortage of labor. But some of these service jobs are soulless and terrible. On a fundamental level, they are a waste of human intelligence.

We are in the middle of a Metacrisis. The world is careening toward uncertainty as the capitalist system reaches the end of planetary limits and we can no longer sustain artificial growth. Maybe AI will shake us loose from this race to the bottom and we’ll get more human-centric in our economic system.

This post was inspired by an EPICA song- Check out the video here:

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Fire photo by Alfred Kenneally on Unsplash