Living in the age of Coronavirus

Beware the Ides of March.. or in this case Covid-19 of March. I live in the epicenter of coronavirus in the United States. I think Seattle is not doing too badly. The supermarkets run out of all the usual suspects like hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and other cleaning products. The basic foodstuffs are getting restocked every day. So I’m not really worried about running out of supplies. I’ve got plenty of chicken and soup to last me a while 😉

I’m a very calm person and not known to overreact to pretty much anything. But I have to admit that on Monday the 18th things kinda got to me. Everything closing down, borders shut and everybody staying home. Of course, being in the US state with 900 plus (aka the most) cases of Coronavirus is a bit unnerving.

I’m Generation X. I think we have the most preppers out of any generation. As Warren Ellis said recently, “We all assumed this was coming, and we’ve all been ready for decades to cut you for clean water”. The GenXer’s are prepared for this crisis… We came home to empty houses, watched TV alone for hours and made ourselves food.

Still… Strange Days indeed!

Note: I’m doing great and the world is roughly sticking together. I’ve got plenty of streaming services to watch, some books to read and I setup my life to work from home years ago. I’m just looking out for everybody around me and monitoring the situation. As the words of immortal wisdom say, “Don’t Panic!”