Happy New Year 2022, maybe

Welcome to a new year with the same swirling stuff. The virus is still around, now upgraded to Omnicron. Covid is going to be with us for a long time… like the flu. So buckle up buttercup and get that booster shot!

After everything that has happened I’ve heard that a lot of people are changing their lifestyles. You’ve probably heard of restaurants not having enough staff to operate. People weren’t getting paid enough to risk their lives for covid and they also realized that they really didn’t want to work in food service anymore. They went back to school, or taught themselves programming/3d modelling/art while stuck at home. We can look at the history of pandemics and they caused many changes to society. Some say that democracy rose because religion & monarchs didn’t have the answer to these plagues.

Our pandemic instincts are perhaps less homicidal today, but the human desire to blame anything other than the virus itself is still around.

And while Americans ran after hoax therapies, that too is predictable. In the plague of Justinian in the sixth century, people started throwing pitchers out their windows in the belief that the noise would scare death away. A witness said that for three days the city rang with the sounds of breaking pottery.

Nicholas Christakis, a physician and sociologist

The world has changed and it is time we adapted to the new reality. We need to live more sustainably and realize that what we’ve done in the past is no longer viable. Also, humankind has rustled a lot of habitats with the takeover of the planet. Pathogens who lived in lower animals are coming for us. Good thing is that we have dedicated scientists looking for solutions.