It’s Going to be OK

The planet is on fucking fire! We have a car salesman as President. Facebook and Twitter are showering us with a shit spray of fake news! <insert horrible evening news headline> Yes, the news media is great at telling us about natural disasters and human wrongdoing.

*take a deep breath* It’s Going to be OK

The fact that you realize the world is a little crazy means your paying attention. Also realize that it is short term crazy, not long term crazy. Long Term Crazy = more than a decade. This short term crazy is created by people who are finding the world considers their ideas shit. So the short term crazy people feeling marginalized start yelling loudly about ‘scary socialists’, electing orange presidents and having delusional fantasies about the ‘good old days’. Like ‘Women should serve Men’ and let’s be openly racist again. And being scared of brown people at the border!

*take a deep breath* It’s Going to be OK

It’s readily apparent that the world is becoming more progressive with the United States lagging behind. What the old guard is forgetting is that this is the Age of Disruption. Anybody with a powerful idea can use technology to disrupt old industries, old ideas and old politics. But it does take effort to move the needle. We all need to seek out disruptive ideas and put energy into them. The democracy that the Internet provides allows more flexibility to individuals and organizations. You have the freedom to challenge incumbent ideas. Those ideas have been dominating the landscape long enough.

Really, It’s Going to be OK. Get out there and fight for Team Human!

(I briefly mentioned Long Term Crazy above. The largest pot of long term crazy is our Economic system but that’s for another day)