Digital Workstyle in the 21st century

Volvo self-driving truck

I’ve been thinking about the nature of work in the 21st century. The biggest headlines usually revolve around how automation is going to take away jobs and we need something like a universal basic income. While might be the case for helping with the technological impact of automation I think there are other areas that aren’t talked about very much. The nature of work is changing and new types of work are appearing like Youtube personality or Esports player. There are new opportunities to take something that might be of personal interest and actually share it with a wider community (& make money at it).

It also gives me the idea that people might want somebody to coach them on taking advantage of these new areas. Also, there might be people who are tech-savvy and might have a scratch they want to itch. They just need advice on getting a side-hustle going and then pursuing it to a logical conclusion. Right now I freelance consult for software & system projects via many great platforms. I don’t think most people know about many platforms other than ride-share companies like Uber. Look in this space for my new “platform”.