Fall 2020 – We Made It!

To say that the year 2020 has been challenging is like saying that Jeff Bezos has some money. Some parts of the United States are still literally on fire!

It’s also no joke that Covid-19 is raging again thanks to people going indoors and ignoring precautions. We are safe but locked down here in Washington. We also have a few Covid-19 vaccines on the horizon so that should make for a less scary 2021. I don’t personally expect to receive the vaccine for a few months but just glad we’ll have it available.

I’m mostly creating this blog post as a checkpoint on the year 2020. Also by the time I’m completing this we’ve had the elections and we have a new president elect – Joe Biden. Now Donald Trump will start fading into obscurity but I’m sure he’ll make some noise for a few months. I’ll be actively avoiding most news and specifically politics for most of 2021. I had plenty in the past 4 years.

My hope is that 2021 is going to be amazing and we’ll be able to focus on really important things in life. The past year has felt like we were in some sort of societal coma. My personal focus of technology kept moving in 2020 and lots of great things on the horizon. But I’ll probably write about those in a separate post.

It’s December 2020 and year is coming to close. Everybody continue to stay safe and let’s take 2021 by the horns.

GW – December 6th, 2020