Here we are in 2021

I had a rough start to 2021 but I guess I needed more time to heal.

It feels like spring and life reemerging from hibernation. Except life has been on pause for a whole year. People are finally coming out of their toilet paper forts (literally and figuratively). Some people will sigh and talk about how we are going back to normal. Then they will find that normal was a nice story that no longer holds true. Some of the old patterns are no longer practical. The pandemic and technology are pushing us in different directions now. The pandemic also magnified the unfairness in society and we could see that the United States has been living a fairy tale wrapped in “Freedom!”. You could also see how far we have declined as a nation and we couldn’t have a rational response to a crisis because people’s minds were too feeble to process it.

But we’ve had a change in direction and it’s time to adopt new patterns. Some of these new patterns will be created by technology and like a wave, it will just carry us along. For the technological workers, they found out they didn’t need to waste time commuting to some central building each day. Tech employers also found that productivity was about the same for their organizations when work was carried out remotely. We are no longer factory workers punching time clocks anymore. Much of society has been organized as a factory… from schools to healthcare to office work. That benefits the organization but almost always makes the individual an afterthought when assembling the world.

So I guess what I’m saying is that we have some work to do. Some people seem to think this is a liberal vs conservative problem but that is just about putting something in a box to marginalize it. We need to go back to the first principles of human flourishing and question the structures that prevent that flourishing. There are a lot of bad ideas that have been perpetuated for over a hundred years. Let the 2020’s be the spring cleaning of those bad ideas and to introduce better ideas. I’m tired of the future being held back by shitty dogmas.